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Building Solutions Division

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The Building Solutions Division provides a wide range of systems and solutions for building safety, security and building management for applications in private estates, industrial sites and commercial and residential buildings. The division executes turnkey projects including design, material procurement, installation, testing and commission.


The Building Solutions Division provides a wide range of systems and solutions that include:

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  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • CCTV and Security Systems
  • Burglar Alarm Systems and Detectors
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Access Control and Attendance Systems
  • Paging and Call Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Video Telephony Systems
  • Metal and Explosive Detection Systems
  • Gating Systems and Turnstile gates
  • Inspection and Screening Systems



The Building Solutions Division supports its clients by providing several services that include:

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  • Sit Security Evaluation and Assessment
  • CCTV and Security Systems Design
  • Executing CCTV and Security Systems Turnkey Projects
  • Upgrade and Expansion of Security Systems
  • Operation and Maintenance of Security Projects
  • Trading and Distribution of Camera and Security Systems



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Honeywell is the world leading  manufacturer and solution provider of a wide range of Home and Building Solutions (HBS)  that include:

  • Security Systems:
  • Building Management Systems
  • Life Safety (Fire alarm and Fighting)
  • Energy Management
  • IP cameras and CCTV
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Well-reputed company that offers advanced video surveillance systems that combine superior build standards and outstanding levels of design. They have a long established reputation for exceptional functionality, reliability and production quality.

Their products range includes a wide variety of cameras and recorders, with various advanced features such as high-definition and IP networking capabilities. They also provide related accessories and also many consumer products.

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TISO APAC is a Singapore-based manufacturer of turnstile gates, safety gates, pedestrian barriers, road barriers, and access control systems for more than 20 years.


All TiSO products are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards, exceeding requirements to meet all quality, safety, design and ease of use.

TiSO proven turnstile solutions have been used for many years at strategic facilities such as largest nuclear power plants with thousands of employees and millions of accesses each year.

TiSO security and turnstile solutions has been tested and proven on the global platform, covering more than 33 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom (UK), Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Nigeria, Portugal, Angola, Israel, Libya, Iran, Egypt and more..

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SICEP is an Italian manufacturer and supplier of security and burglar systems. SICEP provides a full range of security systems including control panels, detectors, touch screens and accessories. SICEP security systems are reliable and can be used in residential and commercial buildings for full security.

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AVTECH is a Taiwanese manufacturer and supplier of security and surveillance camera systems. AVATECH supplies a wide range of IP and HD cameras, recorders and peripherals for different applications. Whether it’s an industrial or a commercial, indoor or outdoor, AVATECH has the right solution for that project.