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Electromechanical Division

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The Electromechanical Division is a contracting division that serves a wide range of the industrial sectors.  The ECD utilizes its expertise to extend its services to industrial projects at the different cycles: design, execution, installation, testing and commissioning. When the project is over, the ECD helps its clients with the operation and maintenance of their industrial facilities.


The Electromechanical Contracting Division provides a wide variety of electromechanical industrial services that include:

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  • Design, Installation and Commissioning of Pumping and lifting Stations (Mechanical and Electrical).
  • Execution of Pipeline Projects (Oil, Gas and Water) with valves, flow meters and pressure gauges.
  • Execution of tanks projects and accessories (Oil and Water/Waste Water).
  • Execution, operation and maintenance of HVAC projects.
  • Execution of power projects (transmission lines, transformers, generators, turbines … etc.).
  • Installation, calibration and testing of field instruments.
  • Electromechanical projects operation, maintenance and material supply.